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HKD Group offers each of their clients a wide array of financial services and investment solutions that are tailored to their needs and focused on assisting them achieve their financial goals. In addition to our personal portfolios we also offer services for businesses and corporations who are looking at creating risk adverse strategies that will create a secondary stream of income for them. When looking at the big picture we are a relatively new brokerage, however our brokers share a wealth of over two centuries experience in the financial industry and have substantial knowledge when it comes to creating diverse portfolios. HKD Group specializes in offering our clients the most diverse range of services including Asset management, private wealth management, stockbroking, alternative investment analysis and more. Every member of the HKD Group team are more than educated and experienced to bring our clients the investment opportunities they deserve with all risks analyzed and reduced where possible. Being an internationally focused investment firm, we have access to more opportunities and more in depth research into those opportunities than that of your local brokerage.

Working with one of our brokers here at HKD Group you will have access to not only our expertise but to a network of international financial experts and the trading resources that they use. Utilizing our connections in the financial world, we are able to offer each of our clients a more comprehensive selection of investment opportunities, that have each undergone the in depth and detailed scrutiny that our research department conducts. HKD Group's investment advisors consist of financial professionals that have backgrounds in stock broking, personal wealth protection, financial planning, market analysis, financial research and corporate advisory and planning. Our advisors work as a single unit to bring our clients the necessary information, insights and financial solutions to assist them in achieving their goals. We are strongly focused on longevity of our clients accounts, and the way we achieve this is by showing them the results they truly deserve, combined with a level of service that is second to none in the financial industry.

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