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HKD Group offers each of our clients the opportunity to make use of our retail trading services. We are able to offer our retail trading clients a broad range of opportunities in the markets. When it comes to retail trading, this is how most sole investors first experience the markets, and after reaching their own personal potential the majority move on to using a portfolio management service provider. Working with HKD Group we are able to give our clients in depth information and research on companies they are looking at investing into.

Additionally by using our retail trading services you will also have access to the knowledge and experience of our financial advisors, who are able to provide an education into trading in the markets. When opening a retail trading account with us here at HKD Group we will give you advice on your day to day trading and offer full support to those who require it. The majority of people who wish to trade by themselves, mainly source their information from tip websites, and news outlets, however when working with HKD Group you get accurate information that has been conducted by our research team. When working with us here, you will have access to information comprising of stocks, shares, IPO's, Forex, Options and mergers and acquisitions. Our retail trading services are available to both the individual investor and also corporate traders. The main focus of our retail trading services it to be able to provide our clients with the right information and tools they need to be successful in today's ever changing market place.

To discuss in detail how our retail trading services work, and for a consultation from one of our retail trading specialists, (contact us today) to see what we can do for you.

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