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Choosing a new brokerage can be a tough task, especially with the large number of local and international firms to choose from. Finding the right financial advisor who can cover all the bases for you can be a long winded process and one that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and sometimes more confused. HKD Group understands that when looking for a new broker, you need to be confident in their ability to give you access to the services you require, and have the information that will generate the growth you are looking for.

Why Choose HKD Group to be Your Financial Advisor?

  • We are A Full Service Financial Services Provider

    When it comes to investing, and utilizing the services of a brokerage, HKD Group specializes in offering our clients the most comprehensive services and investment opportunities that are available on the market today. When working with a HKD Group broker you will gain access to full in depth research reports, analyst recommendations and financial professional's insights into a large array of investment opportunities including;

    • Corporate bonds
    • Government Bonds
    • Crypto Currency trading
    • IPO’s
    • Mutual Funds
    • Fixed rate annuities
    • Bank CD’s
    • Stocks
    • Unit investment trusts
    • Alternative investment strategies
    • Fixed Income Investments
    • More

    On top of the wide array of investment opportunities we offer, we also give our clients access to a plethora of customizable portfolios, that can be manufactured for a number of investment reasons including: Educational planning, Estate planning, IRA's Trust Services, and retirement planning. Using the years of experience our HKD Group advisors have and the vast knowledge our team of researchers have, we are able to give our clients all the advice, and tools they need when investing in the international markets. HKD Group are proud to be able to give our clients the most effective and efficient investment vehicles that will generate them consistent returns, and maximize the growth of their portfolio.

  • Consistent Service and Advice

    When working with a brokerage, the majority believe that commission generation is the most important part, whereas working with HKD Group we believe that the most important part of working with any brokerage should be client satisfaction and professional service. Working with this work ethic we are able to give our clients the best possible service year after year, while maximizing the growth of their portfolio. HKD Group is constantly learning and growing based from our clients feedback, being an international brokerage we work with a diverse selection of clients, and with that in mind we know that each client needs a different approach.

    When you are working with HKD Group you will always have the ability to talk to a real person, we know that when you are trusting us with your finance you don’t want to talk to a robot at the end of the phone, so we are proud to be able to deliver our services with the personal touch of each of our brokers. With the markets constantly changing and evolving on a daily basis, the key to generating successful results for our clients is the ability to maintain and evolve their portfolio with the market. HKD Group brokers are dedicated to keeping you constantly informed and updated regarding your investments, and we monitor your portfolio regularly so that we can always keep it working for you.

    We know that as an investor you need to know how and where your money is working for you, HKD Group will send you a monthly report on exactly how your capital is performing, however we know from our experience that most investors would like a more regular update, your broker and yourself can discuss the most convenient times for you and they will work with you to give you the service you desire.

  • Advice Backed by Facts

    When it comes to investment advice, HKD Group believe that the only way to be successful is with a structured research and development team to back the opportunities and investment advice we give our clients. When working with a HKD Group broker you will have access to more than just there experience, you will also have access to a large research team who's focus is on in depth analysis and research into companies we deem undervalued. By giving our clients access to more than just one voice, we are able to ensure they receive the correct advice when they need it, additionally it allows for a team approach when working on your portfolio, which allows our brokers to work together and exchange their ideas and expertise in the markets.

    HKD Group knows that when it comes to investing even the smallest detail can mean the difference between a major and minor return, with this in mind we are always happy to provide our clients with the detailed reports that our researchers generate, that way they can see exactly what we are looking at.

    As a company here at HKD Group we give our clients the right advice for them on an ongoing basis, combining this with our top of the range client service makes each and everyone of our clients feel far more comfortable when it comes to investing. Working with a HKD Group broker you get the best of both worlds, personalized service with exceptional financial advice that you can rely on.

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